Austrian Reference Point for Quality Assurance in VET

(Österreichische Referenzstelle für Qualität in der Berufsbildung - ARQA-VET) Ebendorferstraße 7 1010 Vienna

About this Organisation:

On 1 October 2007, ARQA-VET, the Austrian Reference Point for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training, was established within the OeAD-GmbH, the Austrian Agency for International Co-operation in Education and Research.

The central concern of ARQA-VET is to promote quality culture in the Austrian vocational education and training landscape and to cross-link the actors involved. Cross-linking takes place both at national level and in the EU context.

The following fields of activity are at the start of ARQA-VET’s work:

  • Information of the national stakeholders (these are the actors in vocational education, e.g. educational institutions, social partners and companies as well as those in vocational further education and training) about the activities of the European network and vice versa. -
  • Active support of the implementation of the work programme of EQAVET.
  • Development of specific measures to support quality assurance and quality development in the field of vocational education and training.
  • Awareness-raising amongst stakeholders concerning the advantages of the application of the principles, methods and tools of quality assurance.
  • Operational support of section II Vocational Education and Training of the Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture in the implementation of QIBB (Quality Initiative Vocational Education) and the national and European activities.


Franz Gramlinger

Dr. Franz Gramlinger Head

[email protected]

Franz Gramlinger is the Head of ARQA-VET since October 2007, working together with a team of 3 full-time employees at the reference point. His professional background is in academia as researcher in VET and teacher in teacher education at the Universities of Linz/ AT (where he made his Ph.D in 1997), New York (at CUNY he was Fulbright scholar) and Hamburg/ DE (since 2001 is one of the editors of the online journal [email protected] From 2004 to 2007 he was Seconded National Expert at Cedefop in Thessaloniki, being responsible project manager for the KSLLL and for e-skills.

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