Ministry of Education, Youth and Science

Policy development, analysis and assessment Directorate Kniaz Dondukov bld., 2A 1000 Sofia Bulgariawww.minedu.government.bg

About this Organisation:

Main responsibilities of the Policy development, analysis and assessment Directorate are:

  • To support the Minister in the elaboration and implementation of state policies relevant to pre-school education, basic and secondary general and vocational education, to higher education, science and youth.
  • To elaborate concepts, strategies, programmes and plans appropriate to the national and European practices, and to the priorities of the governing programme of the Council of Minister.
  • To analyze the effectiveness of the application of State Education Standards and prove the necessity of their updating.
  • To perform the impact assessment in the strategic documents elaboration.
  • To perform the analysis of: - the results of the students’ external assessment; - the results of the education environment survey; - the results of programmes and policies implementation.
  • To elaborate and introduce methods of assessment of the state policies in the field of education, youth and science.
  • Elaborates statistical and financial analysis and reports in the field of school education and training, higher education, youth and science.
  • Suggests measures for the improvement of the education, science and youth activities systems.
  • Analyzes and coordinates the European Union’s policy and suggests the implementation of European practices in the fields of education, youth and science.


Emiliyana Dimitrova Director Policy Development, Analysis and Assessment Directorate[email protected]

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