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About this Organisation:

Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency (EKKA) promotes the quality of higher education and vocational education and training (VET) in Estonia, values the best quality assurance practices and disseminates them. EKKA continues the work of the Estonian Higher Education Accreditation Centre and the Estonian Higher Education Quality Assessment Council that operated from 1997 to 2008. Two councils - The Higher Education Quality Assessment Council and VET Quality Assessment Council - currently operate as parts of EKKA. EKKA:

  • offers consultations on quality assurance in higher education and VET as well as training for higher education institutions, VET institutions and evaluation experts;
  • conducts institutional accreditation of higher education institutions in Estonia and quality assessment of study programme groups;
  • conducts expert analyses in order to grant the higher education institutions the right to conduct studies;
  • conduct expert analyses of study programmes that are not yet registered in Estonia;
  • conducts accreditation of study programme groups of VET institutions;
  • analyses the evaluation process and makes information about the outcomes of assessment of higher education and VET institutions publicly available;
  • participates in international higher education and VET quality assurance networks, such as ENQA, INQAAHE, CEEN, EQAVET, and others.


Marge Kroonmae

Marge KroonmäeCoordinator[email protected]

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