National Centre for Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education

1B, Spartanska Street 02-637 Warsaw Polandwww.new.koweziu.edu.pl/index.php/english

About this Organisation:

National Centre for Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education is a central, public, national-level institution providing professional development services for teachers subject to the Ministry of National Education.

The mission of the Centre is to:

  • inspire, prepare and coordinate activities related to professional development of teachers from vocational schools and schools for adults.
  • prepare and execute educational ventures related to the stages of educational transformation in Poland.

The Centre cooperates with other central government and educational institutions as well as non-government organizations from Poland and abroad. The Centre collects, processes and disseminates pedagogical information related to vocational and continuing education.


Dorota Popowska Team Coordinatord.popowska@koweziu.edu.pl

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