Swedish National Agency for Education Fleminggatan 14 106 20 Stockholm Sweden www.skolverket.se About this Organisation: The National Agency for Education is the central administrative authority for the public school system, publicly organised preschooling, school-age childcare and adult education. The National Agency for Education is led by the Director-General. In order to strengthen quality and acceptance by society, the Goverment has appointed an Advisory Council. The Swedish Riksdag and the Goverment set out the goals and guidelines for preschool and school through the Education Act and the Curricula. The mission of the Agency is to actively work for the attainment of the goals. The Agency supervises, supports, follow ups and evaluates the school in order to improve quality and outcomes. The Agency focus on the principal organisers of the school, school heads, school leaders and teachers in the preschool, preschool class, different school forms in compulsory and upper secondary schooling and also adult education. Sometimes pupils and parents are the target groups of the Agency. The Agency's mission may be summarised as: - drawing up clear goals and knowledge requirements - providing support for the development of preschools and schools - developing and disseminating new knowledge of benefit to our taget groups - communicate to improve


Svante Sandell

Svante Sandell Director of Educationsvante.sandell@skolverket.se

Mr Sandell works as a Director of Education in the Swedish National Agency for Education. He works with different projects for development of VET both in upper secondary school and adult education. He has worked with national web training for tutors who receive pupils in workplace-based learning. He has also been working with development of apprenticeship training for adults. Mr Sandell also works as a country coordinator for Nordic Network for Adult Learning(NVL). NVL is a program supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers to develop adult learning. He has previously worked as a principal.

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