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About this Organisation:

Vocational and technical education system in Turkey includes two main dimensions: theoretical (school training) and practical (in-company training). Vocational education policies and activities are mostly carried out by the MoNE within the framework of Law No. 3308, which came into force in 1986.

Below are the tasks of General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education:

  • To carry out studies for the management of schools and institutions that provide vocational and technical education and training and for the education and training of students, and to implement the determined policies,
  • To prepare or outsource the education and training programs, textbooks, educational tools and equipment of vocational and technical schools and submit them to the Board of Education.
  • To carry out the necessary studies for the development of policies and strategies that will strengthen the relationship between education and employment, and to promote vocational education, to implement the determined policies and to coordinate its implementation,
  • To provide general and vocational training of candidate apprentices, apprentices, foremen and masters according to Vocational Education Law dated 5/6/1986 and numbered 3308,

Vocational and technical education institutions raise students as manpower for business and professional branches in line with the objectives of general secondary education and prepare them for higher education. The secondary education institutions offering vocational and technical training enclose compulsory courses in the 9th grade. Students are allocated to job families in the 10th grade and occupational branch in the 11th grade and attend to these branches in the 12th grade and graduate.

Mission: To meet the labor demands of economic and social sectors through vocational education, to train manpower that hold vocational qualifications in accordance with international standards, to develop and implement policies, strategies that will make the vocation valuable and provide everyone a profession.

Vision: To be a leading institution established its quality values, raising creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and productive skilled labor force in its schools who add value to the economic growth, recognized by national and international vocational qualifications in cooperation with the economic and social sectors.



Mr. Recep ALTIN, PhD

Head of Department

Directorate General for Vocational and Technic Education

Tel: +90-312-4131256

[email protected]

Mr. Kadir Eren GÜLSOY

National Education Expert

Directorate General for Vocational and Technic Education

Department of Quality Development

Tel: +90-312-4131393

[email protected]


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