Czech Republic - A final examination

Since 2005 the Czech Republic has been reforming upper secondary education. One aspect of the reform is a focus on final examinations in vocational programmes. Organised by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the reform are being implemented by National Institute for Technical and Vocational Education using European Social Funds

The organisation and assessment of VET programmes is the responsibility of individual schools. This has lead to differences in the quality of students who have been assessed through examinations. This has now changed and “uniform assignments” for individual VET programmes are prepared by National Institute for Technical and Vocational Education who work in close cooperation with teachers in VET schools and with experts from the world of work.

Each year all the VET schools are provided with a standardised assignment. Each head teacher decides whether to use these assignments for the final examinations. Despite the fact that this is voluntary, the number of schools using the standardised examination continues to grow. VET schools can compare the results of their students with others in the Czech Republic. VET schools also find it easier to prepare students for the final examination.

With the support of 500 head teachers and their staff, 116 standardised assignments were created in 2009/2010. The assignments were reviewed by 74 experts, nominated by the Czech Chamber of Commerce. 99.6 per cent of schools have downloaded the uniform assignments and 80 per cent of schools have used them in at least one subject. The uniform assignments cover the national curricula and align with the qualification and assessment standards of the National Qualifications Framework.

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