Slovenia - A staged approach to using indicators

“In Slovenia there has been a staged introduction to the use and monitoring of indicators based on the EQAVET Framework. The staged approach has helped to ensure lessons are leant and good practice shared”.

In Slovenia the legislation established seven national indicators for VET:

  • the percentage of training providers applying internal quality assurance systems defined by law;
  • the percentage of teachers and trainers with teaching qualifications;
  • the percentage of teachers and trainers participating in further training, the amount and share of funds invested by providers in their training programmes;
  • the percentage of students who successfully complete their programme on schedule;
  • the percentage of learners who succeed in final exams;
  • destination of VET learners in six and twelve months after completion of training;
  • the percentage of programs developed in response to employers.

Quality assurance systems are being implemented gradually. The first national report on quality in VET (2007/08) covered the first three indicators; the second report (2008/09) included the first three and the fifth indicator.

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