Germany - Analysing the impact of quality assurance

For several years, the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has piloted a quality management system which strengthens the autonomy of vocational schools. A forthcoming evaluation of the system (called Q2E – see case study Germany - quality management in vocational schools) will examine the effect of Q2E from the viewpoint of the people involved.

The study, which runs from March to June 2011, will use qualitative research methods in two vocational schools in Bremen. In each school different groups (school administrators, staff, students, training instructors in companies etc) will participate in semi-structured interviews. Participants will also be asked to comment on the impact of the Q2E system. The existing quality assurance manuals and approaches in each school will also be analysed.

The research will seek to identify:
•  What is the impact of Q2E on each group of participants?
•  How are the effects on participants best described?
•  What do the participants think of the process? Is there a need for more guidance?
•  Whether it is helpful to have a single quality management system in VET schools?
•  Which factors improve or create a positive impact?
•  Which factors are barriers to progress?

More information is available from:

•    The National Reference Point at
•    Senatorin für Bildung und Wissenschaft in Bremen [email protected]
•    Dr. Walter Goetze
•    Annikka Zurwehme, bfb Germany

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