Estonia - Staff development in Luua Forestry School

The Luua Forestry School is the only vocational school in Estonia specialising in forestry-related subjects for upper-secondary and post-secondary students. It has about 40 teachers, and each year 400 full-time students and 600 adults complete supplementary courses.

In 2012 the school decided to review how it worked. This review arose because the school’s satisfaction survey continued to show a downward trend. This was particualrly noticeable from the perspective of the teaching and other specialist staff who began to express a desire to leave the school.

As part of the review, the school worked in partnership with teachers to:

  • develop a competence model and matrix;
  • conduct performance and development interviews and a guide to assessing employees;
  • review job descriptions;
  • develop a new salary structure and salary guidance.

The review led to the development of a new personnel system which has been in place for two years. The school has been evaluating and reviewing the system using the quality assurance cycle. Over the last two years, the main changes have been in relation to teachers’ salaries and a reduction in the number of pay grades. The greatest obstacle facing the school is the state’s funding strategy which does not favour this new approach and does not provide assurance that the system can be sustained.

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Director of the school: Ms Haana Zuba-Reinsalu
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