Spain - Creating a three-tiered evaluation system

The Spanish system of self evaluation combines activities at three levels:

  • national (State level) organisations undertake a continuous monitoring and assessment role. This “general evaluation” keeps a check on the overall achievements of the system;
  • the Autonomous Communities oversee assessment and inspection as well as contributing to the “general evaluation” and decision-making at a State level;
  • institutions are supported by the education Inspectorates to complete a self evaluation.

The “general evaluation” is based on the National System of Education Indicators which has five main categories: context; resources; school attendance and performance; educational processes; and results.

The education administrations in the Autonomous Community use the National System of Education Indicators. By applying this indicator set at the community level it is possible to produce a nation-wide assessment of results. The education administrations’ approach to quality assurance is through dialogue. The education administrations:

  • provide advice and support for schools and VET centres through the inspectorates;
  • analyse information from schools and VET centres in relation to the design, analysis and interpretation of results.

Institutional self-evaluation is voluntary in Spain – about 15 per cent of schools and VET centres are involved. For those schools and VET centres that participate, there are three groups which are particularly important for the annual self-evaluation and improvement:

  • the school council which approves the annual school plan;
  • the teachers’ assembly which develops the curriculum plan and the criteria for self-evaluation;
  • the commission for pedagogical coordination.

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