Germany - developing an annual plan

Germany's Federal Ministry publishes an annual report on the supply and demand of VET in order to support planning of training provision

Germany’s VET system is organised on a federal, regional and local level. Representatives from the State, from industry and social partners cooperate closely to monitor the demand and supply of training places.

Each year the Federal Ministry of Education and Research submits an annual report on developments in VET to the Federal Government. This report:

  • describes the current state and probable further development of VET. If there are indications that an imbalance in the regional or sectoral supply of initial VET training places is developing (or is at risk of developing) the report has to include proposals to remedy the situation;
  • includes data from training providers on the number of initial training contracts that have been started, the number of initial training places offered which were not filled and the number of people registered as seeking initial training places. These statistics are used to plan and organise VET.

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