Norway - Involvement of social partners at a regional level

In Norway the County Vocational Training Boards are advisory bodies with responsibility for checking that VET provision responds to the labour market. The Boards’ work covers school-based study and the company-based parts of an apprenticeship (the Norwegian VET system includes two years at school and two years on an apprenticeship.) The focus of the Boards’ work is on:

  • the quality of the education and training;
  • an adequate supply of VET provision in the region;
  • providing guidance to students.

The Boards seek to achieve high quality upper secondary education and training. They advise the authorities on the annual decisions about which courses should be offered. They also give advice on the development of vocational training and the effectiveness of the collaboration between schools and training establishments. This planning arrangement helps to support regional development and the creation of new enterprises and jobs.

Members of the Boards are appointed by the county parliament. Although the composition varies between counties, the social partners are always represented.

For further information, please consult the VET in Europe – Country Report 2010 – Norway:

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