Portugal - Linking funding to accreditation

Since 1997, Portugal’s accreditation system has been mandatory for training providers wishing to access public funds. It has been voluntary in other situations

Portugal’s accreditation system aims to:

  • increase VET providers’ quality;
  • promote their external recognition;
  • increase the credibility of the system; and
  • guarantee a better use of public funds for training activities.

Accreditation is mandatory for those organisations which receive public funds and voluntary for others.

To be accredited VET providers must comply with the required standards and prove their management and pedagogic practices meet the quality criteria. These standards relate to:

  • policy and strategic planning which takes account of the local or sector context;
  • management and human resources (This includes the efficient management of training activities and the availability of skilled staff with professional and pedagogic experience);
  • the evaluation of results and the evidence of continuous improvement;
  • the rules of conduct and ethical behaviour (i.e. the proper relationships with stakeholders which respect their rights and interests);
  • the development of each stage of the quality assurance cycle.

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