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In Hesse, 17 vocational schools are working with a quality management system based on evaluation combined with development. The model (called Q2E) includes the establishment of a culture of routine feedback. The VET schools are given greater responsibility for quality assurance alongside the requirement to establish greater quality control. The pilot programme, established in 2005, is supported by Hesse’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
The key attributes of the introduction of Q2E as a quality management system are:
•    the school identifies its own quality model and sets its own standards;
•    all the teaching staff regularly ask for feedback about their teaching;
•    the school regularly checks the quality of its work - in terms of individual departments/priorities or in terms of overall quality;
•    the school management team sees internal quality management as primarily its responsibility;
•    at the request of the Principal, an external evaluation team visits each school to investigate the internal quality management system and to provide school-specific feedback.

One VET school that uses the Q2E approach is the Peter Paul Cahensly School in Limburg-an-der-Lahn ( The school has 1,600 students and focuses on business subjects. In June 2010 the school had an external evaluation which lasted several days. The evaluation considered
•    quality management concepts;
•    the school’s quality management handbook;
•    overall students results;
•    internal evaluation approaches;
•    the importance of quality development (the feedback culture including student feedback and teacher to teacher feedback)
•    the quality of the management in school.

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