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For several years, the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has piloted a quality management system which strengthens the autonomy of vocational schools. An evaluation of the system (called Q2E –  see case study Germany - quality management in vocational schools) set out to answer the question of “why some schools are more successful than others in establishing and maintaining a quality management system?”

The analysis show that success in the implementation of quality management primarily results from leadership behaviour. On the basis of this analysis, additional support has been provided. This focuses on helping VET school leaders set clear strategic goals, improve communications across the school, assign resource for quality assurance and implement the tools of quality management.

To support the VET schools four workshops for school administrators and managers have been introduced. Each workshop combines a theoretical approach with examples of materials that could be used to support quality assurance.

1.    The first workshop focuses on:
•    developing systematic approaches to quality based on existing approaches;
•    school-specific structural and cultural questions;
2.    The second workshop identifies a school-specific development project. Targets for improvement and plans for improvement are agreed;
3.    The third workshop looks at each school’s next steps in the light of the lessons learnt from the development project;
4.    The last workshop focuses on using all the available techniques of regular quality planning and quality control.

This project aims to improve the administration of quality management and is supported by a set of school resources (available at

More information is available from:
•    The National Reference Point at
•    Senatorin für Bildung und Wissenschaft in Bremen [email protected]
•    Dr. Walter Goetze
•    Annikka Zurwehme, bfb Germany

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