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All initial VET programmes in the Czech Republic are school-based with elements of work based learning (WBL) – this practical training and work placements are an integral part of the curricula. It is recommended that this practical training take place in a real work environment but this is not obligatory. The school director is responsible for the internship or work placement in a company. Establishing and maintaining effective, functional, responsible and long-term cooperation is a highly demanding task especially when many secondary schools work with a large number of companies. Sometimes this liaison work is led by the school director, at other times the work is organised by a deputy director for practical education or a head teacher for practical education.

Effective cooperation between school and companies is time consuming and requires planning, implementation, evaluation and review to be well-organised. There have been some steps at the provider and system level towards creating a new role of school/company coordinator. The 2012-15 national project, POSPOLU (Enhancing cooperation between schools and companies), suggested establishing this coordinator position. There is a particular need for these coordinators when schools work with many different enterprises (for some schools this involves working with more than 100 employers).

In April 2015 the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT) recommended a set of contractual relationships between employers and schools. These aim to standardise the organisation of practical training in companies and encourage employers to cooperate with schools. Since December 2016 schools have been able to apply for grants for projects which include the creation of a ’coordinator’. This case study looks at how the secondary technical school of electrical engineering in Plzeň has created and maintained long-term cooperation with companies in the area.

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This case study was prepared in 2017 as part of the work on EQAVET+ organised by the EQAVET Network.

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