Estonia - Self evaluation

Since 2003 Estonia has used a Quality Award model for VET institutions. This creates a culture of self-evaluation with constant improvement in order to enhance the quality of VET institutions’ processes and results

The first steps towards introducing quality assurance models in Estonian began in 1997 with the use of the ISO-9000 standards which was followed in 2003 by the EFQM Excellence Model. The following principles underpin the use of quality assurance systems:

  • it is voluntary for VET schools;
  • decisions on quality assurance are made independently from the central authorities (no ranking will be introduced and no decisions will be made on the basis of a school’s decision to use the model);
  • quality assurance must be attractive and beneficial for the VET schools and visible in society;
  • quality assurance is supported, but not controlled, by the ministry

Since 2003 the Quality Award model has been used by 60 per cent of VET schools. The model and the associated annual awards provide an efficient way to influence and support staff in schools. Self-evaluation is part of this model and is seen as a normal part of running a VET school.

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