Slovenia - Self evaluation systems

In 2006 Slovenia introduced legislation to cover quality assurance at both the provider and national level. This was followed by legislation in 2008 to make self-evaluation the responsibility of training providers

In July 2006 Slovenia introduced legislation covering quality assurance at the provider and national level. Each training provider assures the quality of their provision based on the principles of total quality management. The Slovenian Institute for VET recommends training providers evaluate the following areas:

  • school management;
  • quality assurance system;
  • education plans;
  • learning and teaching;
  • testing and assessment;
  • meeting educational objectives;
  • work-based practical training;
  • counseling and support to students;
  • professional development of teachers and other practitioners;
  • the school as the centre of life-long learning;
  • development projects.

Each school evaluates two or three areas in their first year of using the system. More areas are being added over time. The Slovenian Institute for VET produces and publishes a yearly report on the quality of VET based on the quality indicators which are used at the national level.

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