Luxembourg - Setting up a stakeholder committee

The 2008 reforms of VET in Luxembourg reinforced the role of stakeholders through the creation of the national VET committee. These include the relevant partners such as ministries, social partners, learners, training providers, students and parents

Luxembourg’s VET system is based on a partnership between the State, the employer associations and the employee associations. This partnership covers:

  • the analysis and definition of training needs;
  • the production of guidance and information;
  • the definition of the professions or trades covered by basic and initial VET;
  • the training offered to individuals;
  • the organisation of training;
  • the development of a training framework for each programme of study;
  • the assessment system;
  • the certification of candidates;
  • the accreditation of prior experiential learning.

Planning and implementation are supported by a VET committee which:

  • advises the Government on VET policy;
  • promotes a better match between the objectives of VET and the needs of the different sectors of the economy while taking into account gender differences;
  • ensures the actions of ministerial departments and professional associations are coordinated in relation to professional development of the labour market.

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