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Apprenticeship training is a very important part of the Austrian initial VET system. After completing compulsory schooling (nine years) about 40% of students receive occupational training through a legally recognised apprenticeship. The success of the company based part of apprenticeship training, where work-based learning takes place, is mainly dependent on the  initial VET trainer`s professional competence and pedagogical skills. These skills need to be proven through an initial IVET trainer examination or by completing a 40-hour trainer course. Additional training courses for initial VET trainers are offered - the Apprenticeship Trainers Academy in Vorarlberg is a good example of this practice. The training for the apprenticeship trainers includes personal, social, pedagogical and technical skills, as well as quality assurance. The main aim of the initiative is to further professionalise apprenticeship trainers and to recognise their competences through a certification process. Training can be offered by many different providers and their recommendations for who could receive additional training are sent to the apprenticeship trainers’ academy. Those who are successful are awarded credits for their achievement and recorded as passing their “Further Training.” This can also lead to certification using the following model:

  • Certified Apprenticeship – trainer (25 credits)
  • Excellent Apprenticeship - trainer (40 credits, project work)
  • Graduate Apprenticeship - trainer (70 credits, project work)

Since 2003, more than 500 apprenticeship trainers have attended the Trainers Academy in Vorarlberg. Approximately 50 to 60 new apprenticeship trainers begin the programme each year.

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Franz Huber
Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg – Lehrlingsstelle
(Apprenticeship Office at the Economic Chamber Vorarlberg)
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6850 Dornbirn

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