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In 2014 the Dutch Partnership for Lifelong Learning (LLL) organised a number of employer-based pilots to test the use of the ECVET principles in a lifelong learning context. From 2014-2016 the Dutch Ministry of Education provided financial support to the pilots. Now that the initial funding from the Ministry has finished, the projects are supported by the Dutch Partnership for LLL. The employers pay a fee for this support.

Each project is based on the needs of the labour market. The projects enable employers to more easily update or improve the skills and knowledge of their employees, or enable them to acquire new skills as efficiently and effectively as possible. The projects recognise that sometimes access to education or training is a response to individuals’ changing responsibilities, functions or even jobs. Each project focusses on the mobility of employees.

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This case study was prepared in 2017 as part of the work on EQAVET+ organised by the EQAVET Network.

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