Netherlands - The public accountability of training providers

In the Netherlands education institutions are primarily responsible for the quality of education and exams, quality assurance, and that they are publicly accountable

In the Netherlands, VET institutions are primarily responsible for quality assurance. Their job is to determine, assess, assure and, where necessary, improve the quality of their vocational training courses. Education institutions are free to choose a model of quality assurance. They are also required to meet the following legal requirements:

  • organise and employ a quality assurance system that guarantees the quality of training and examinations;
  • establish relevant policy and goals in dialogue with stakeholders and in cooperation with other institutions;
  • assess periodically the quality of education with the involvement of independent experts and relevant stakeholders;
  • publish periodically (for examination results annually) assessment results, information about the quality of education and institutional improvement plans.

Reports from individual training providers are published on the internet and an annual report on the performance of the VET system is sent to the government. The Minister and State Secretary discuss the reports and their improvement policy in Parliament.

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