United Kingdom - Training providers’ responsibility for quality assurance

In the United Kingdom there are differences in the structure and functioning of the VET systems in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There are also differences in how these systems are quality assured.

In Wales the focus is on providers taking responsibility for managing and improving the quality of their own delivery. The framework set out in 2009 in the Quality and Effectiveness Framework is based on a small number of core indicators which:

  • reflect strategic priorities, including the full range of initiatives encompassed by the Skills that Work for Wales agenda;
  • are measurable, easily understood and transparent. This helps VET providers know how their performance will be measured and helps them to use the indicators in their own self-assessments;
  • can be derived from existing data returns or information which can be collected without imposing unnecessary additional bureaucracy on VET providers.

The Framework includes a focus on:

  • the active involvement of learners in decision-making;
  • learner outcomes;
  • providers’ capacity to meet demand (including for Welsh medium learning);
  • effective partnerships;
  • the responsiveness of VET providers.

Central to the Framework is a close working relationship with the Inspectorate. (More information is available at http://wales.gov.uk/topics/educationandskills/learningproviders/raisingqualityandstandards/?lang=en)

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