European qualification framework (EQF)

Reference tool for describing and comparing framework for lifelong qualification levels in qualifications systems learning (EQF) developed at national, international or sectoral levels.

Comment: the EQFʼs main components are a set of eight reference levels described in terms of learning outcomes (combination of knowledge, skills and/or competences) and mechanisms and principles for voluntary cooperation. The eight levels cover the entire span of qualifications from those recognising basic knowledge, skills and competences to those awarded at the highest level of academic and professional and vocational education and training. EQF is a translation device for qualification systems.

Source: Cedefop, 2008c, based on European Commission, 2006a.

Reference tool to compare the qualification levels of different qualifications systems and promote both lifelong learning and equal opportunities in a knowledge-based society, as well as further integration of the European labour market, while respecting the rich diversity of national education systems.

Source: European Commission, 2008b.

Source: Glossary Quality in education and training, CEDEFOP, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2011


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