Internal evaluation (of schools)

DEFINITION 1: Evaluation undertaken by persons or groups of persons who are directly involved with the school (such as the school head or its teaching and administrative staff and pupils). Teaching and/or management tasks may be evaluated.

SOURCE: European Commission/EACEA/Eurydice(2015). Assuring Quality in Education: Policies and Approaches to School Evaluation in Europe. Eurydice Report. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.


DEFINITION 2: A process of purposive evaluation of school practices which provides insights into the educational experiences of students, as more than those measured by test data (Simons, 2013).

SOURCE: Nelson, R., Ehren, M., Godfrey, D. (2015). Literature Review on Internal Evaluation.Institute of Education, UK.


RELATED TERMS: external evaluation, process evaluation, self-assessment, self-evaluation

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