Permability of education and training systems

DEFINITION: Capacity of education and training systems to enable learners to: access and move among different pathways (programmes, levels) and systems; validate learning outcomes acquired in another system or in non-formal/informal settings.


  • permeability of systems can be improved by:– modularising pathways and defining units of learning outcomes;

– establishing qualification frameworks which create links between various qualifications, improving readability of qualifications within and between countries;
– setting credit systems;

  • permeability is characterised by direction (vertical/horizontal), criteria for access (individual or collective), admission or exemption, level of formalisation (at institution or system levels).

SOURCE: Cedefop.

SOURCE: Cedefop (2014). Terminology of European education and training policy: a selection of 130 terms, 2nd ediction, Luxembourg:Publications Office of the European Union.



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