The Croatian EQAVET NRP is organising a peer learning activity, Dubrovnik 5-6 July 2016

The Croatian EQAVET NRP ( is organising a peer learning activity within the context of restricted call of Erasmus+, in Dubrovnik 5-6 July 2016

The PLA will focus on sharing knowledge and experiences from several countries on:

  • QA of work-based learning (WBL) and
  • self-assessment of VET providers

The PLA will be organised into plenary sessions, workshops, exchange of good practice examples and will be facilitated by an international expert.

Participants will be NRP representatives from 6-8 countries that have experience and/or interest in QA WBL and countries that are implementing or planning to implement self-assessment of VET providers.

The organisers are interested in approaching topics of self-assessment at provider level also, and asking  NRP to extend their invitation to one representative of VET providers in their respective country that would be willing to participate in the PLA and provide input and views from a provider perspective.

Contact: Nino Buić at [email protected] for further information.


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