Brief description of the context of the VET system in Bulgaria

Vocational education and training in Bulgaria provides for the acquisition of secondary education and a professional qualification. The system of VET prepares citizens for participation in the economy and other fields of public life, creating conditions for acquiring professional qualifications and for continuous improvement. The system of vocational education and training includes career orientation, vocational training and vocational education; validation of professional knowledge, skills and competencies. Vocational training can be provided in the form of work-based learning (dual training system).

School VET begins when students are 13 or 14 years old, and WBL (dual training system) begins at 16. The legislative framework for VET in Bulgaria includes: the new Pre-school and School Education Act (2015) and the Vocational Education and Training Act (1999). The latter sets out the normative framework for the organisation of IVET and CVET with a view to guaranteeing the quality of VET in accordance with labour market needs and EU trends. The VET Act regulates conditions ensuring the functionality and development of the VET system based on cooperation among VET and government institutions, local authorities and social partners.

A national approach to quality assurance in VET including self-assessment was elaborated in 2012, in line with EQAVET and its indicators. It was piloted in 22 vocational secondary schools in the country and was validated through broad consultations with principal stakeholders. The self-assessment model based on EQAVET indicators was introduced into vocational secondary schools in 2012/2013 school year.

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