Brief description of the context of the VET system in Cyprus

There is no national approach to quality assurance in Cyprus. Overall, there is no national framework for quality assurance in the Cypriot education system. However, there are policies and procedures in place at each education level. Since the education system is quite centralised, MoEC is mainly responsible for quality assurance. The legislative provisions for education are contained in several different pieces of legislation (Laws Nos 5/71, 56/83, 123/85 and 154 (I)/99). The development of a Vocational Qualifications System and the latest quality assurance system for CVET providers are considered to be main building blocks towards the adoption and implementation of an overall national approach to quality assurance. An important educational reform is taking place in Cyprus and quality assurance seems to be one of the goals of education reform. Public consultation has been taking place since 2009. Specific proposals have been delivered regarding full transformation of the assessment culture and practice throughout the education system and its players (learners, teachers, curricula etc.). However, no formal action has yet been taken.

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