Czech Republic

Brief description of the context of the VET system in Czech Republic

VET has always represented a fundamental part of the Czech education system. Within the past five years, curricula have been reformed and modernised. VET predominantly begins following completion of compulsory education usually at age 15 and is mainly provided at upper secondary and tertiary levels. In the Czech Republic, the provision of initial VET is a shared responsibility between the national administration, the regional administration and VET schools. Most VET schools are public and founded by regions. Regional authorities finance VET provision (allocated from the state budget), decide on the network of VET schools, decide which programmes to open and what the capacity of these programmes in terms of students enrolled will be. Decisions on developing new qualifications or updating existing ones are national. The learning outcomes-based framework VET curricula are defined at national level. VET schools develop detailed school curricula, teachers decide on the choice of methods for teaching and for formative assessment. VET schools are relatively autonomous when it comes to recruitment of teachers and decisions about their future training. National standards and requirements have to be respected for the final assessment that leads to the award of the qualification. Representatives of employers are involved in sectoral skill councils and field groups that set occupational and qualification standards.

Any adult can study any VET programme in the formal school system. There are also many programmes designed to be combined with working life. The wide variety of CVET programmes provided outside the formal school system is not generally regulated and is subject to the free market. Nevertheless, a system of validation of non-formal and informal learning outcomes has been gradually developing since 2007, when the law on validation and recognition of outcomes of CVET came into force. The overall system-level quality assurance requirements are defined in the Education Act (Nr.561/2004Coll.). This Act concerns pre-primary, primary, secondary education as well as post-secondary VET.

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