Brief description of the context of the VET system in Finland

The VET sector comprises upper secondary VET and further vocational training. It is targeted at both young people and adults. VET provides students with the diverse knowledge, skills and competence required in working life and in lifelong learning. VET can be organised both in institutional learning environments and at workplaces as well as in virtual learning environments. Further vocational training includes further and specialist qualifications as well as further training not leading to any specific qualification which is organised to meet the needs of individual students and employers. The providers are authorised by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The continuous improvement of the quality of vocational education and training (VET) is a key priority in Finland. The national quality assurance system (QA) of VET comprises three major elements: national steering by national educational policy, the quality assurance of VET providers and external evaluation of VET. Each VET provider is obliged by law to evaluate the education and training it is providing and the effectiveness of the provision, and to participate in the external evaluations decided by the Ministry. One of the main principles in the is the have the full autonomy of Finnish VET providers to decide how they are implementing the requirements of the legislation and the national targets into practice. The Ministry is steering the implementation by information (VET policy). The providers decide themselves what kind of QA systems or measures they are using. According to the national evaluation (2015) of the QA systems of VET provider shows that more than 70 % of the providers have a working QA system.

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