Brief description of the context of the VET system in Latvia

The Vocational Education stipulates that VET programmes are classified as follows:

  • Vocational education programmes last for 3 years and are foreseen for students without a certificate of basic education (after completion of at least 7 grades of basic education, but they must be at least 15 years old); graduates receive a certificate of vocational initial education and vocational qualification level 1 (EQF Level 2);
  • Vocational education programmes (partial secondary level vocational education) last for 2-3 years for students with basic education or persons at least 15 years old, and graduates receive a Certificate of vocational basic education and vocational qualification Level 2 (EQF 3);
  • Vocational upper-secondary educational programmes take 4 years and are open to students who have completed compulsory basic education. Graduates receive a Diploma of vocational secondary education and vocational qualification Level 3 (EQF 4);
  • Post-secondary non-tertiary vocational education (ISCED 4) can be followed after graduating from general secondary schools. They are focused towards mastering purely professional skills and knowledge.
  • First level professional higher education (college education) programmes (2-3 years) leading to vocational qualification Level 4 (ISCED 5B, EQF 5);
  • Second level professional higher education (ISCED 5A) leading to vocational qualification Level 5 (4-6 years, EQF Level 6). Having completed a programme, students are awarded with a professional qualification or a professional Bachelor’s degree that can be followed by a further 1-2 years of professional Master’s studies. The Master’s degree of higher professional education is awarded if the total duration of studies is at least 5 years.
  • Professional continuing education programmes enables adults with previous education and work experience to obtain professional qualifications;
  • Professional development educational programmes are for people regardless of their age and previous education or professional qualifications to master systematized professional knowledge and skills.

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