Brief description of the context of the VET system in the Netherlands

The VET system in the Netherlands, which is part of the Dutch educational systems, provides education to learners aged 16 and above, to prepare them for a broad spectrum of occupations. The education is directed at four different sectors: Health and Care, Engineering, Economy and Agriculture. The VET system consists of public funded VET institutions and private schools. There are 65 public funded VET colleges. These colleges may consist of a number of schools at local level. In total they provide education to almost 500.000 students.

The Dutch vocational/professional education system is characterised by three organisational levels: the national, sectoral and the regional levels. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science lays down the general conditions for VET whereas the administration and management of schools as well as vocational education is regionally organised. Quality and quality assurance are, in the first place, the responsibility of the VET providers. The Dutch VET system doesn't make a clear distinction between IVET and CVET. The quality assurance framework in place does not distinguish between IVET and CVET and thus it applies to the VET sector as a whole.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the MBO Council have been involved in EQAVET developments since 2004. The main goal of the NRP EQAVET in the Netherlands is to stimulate quality assurance at national level, provider level and teacher level according to the EQAVET-framework, in close cooperation with stakeholders. The Netherlands had and still has a national strategy for quality assurance that is in line with the EQAVET Recommendation.

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