Brief description of the context of the VET system in Romania

At national level, Law No. 87/ 2006 on quality assurance of education created the legal institutional framework for developing and implementing the quality assurance mechanisms in education (IVET included), at system and provider level. The Law sets up a series of basic principles: learning outcomes-focused learning, promotion of the improvement of quality, protection of the education beneficiaries (first of all the students), and the importance given to the internal evaluation process (self-assessment) of providers. Since 2006, the most significant developments on quality assurance in Romanian IVET include:

  • Development of the quality assurance principles, methodologies, actions and tools for self-assessment and external assessment of the providers
  • Strengthening the planning instruments with the involvement of stakeholders and development of tools for data collection and monitoring system (still work in progress)
  • Revision of the IVET qualifications and curriculum based on learning outcomes, according to the main recent challenges in the labour market
  • Dissemination of the quality assurance approaches with the involvement of stakeholders

The National Quality Assurance Framework in IVET has been developed on the basis of the EQARF/EQAVET, in terms of its principles, methodology and instruments. In CVET, the mechanism for QA is currently being developed.

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