Brief description of the context of the VET system in Spain

In Spain, vocational training is understood as the set of training activities that prepare people for the qualified performance of diverse occupations, access to employment and active participation in social, cultural and economic life. It includes the sorts of teaching provided in vocational education and training in the education system (administered jointly between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the Education Departments of the Autonomous Communities) and Vocational Training for Employment (administered jointly between the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and the Autonomous Communities). Both of them contemplate the vocational integration and reintegration schemes for workers, and schemes oriented towards continuous training in companies enabling the acquisition and continuous updating of occupational skills. In the case of Vocational Education and Training in the Education System, EQAVET plays an important role as a guide for quality assurance since Royal Decree 1147/2011 emphasises the importance of quality assurance in VET and establishes the National Quality Assurance Framework for VET and the Quality Network for VET. Taking into consideration that the final purpose of the European recommendation is to support Member States to promote and monitor continuous improvement of their VET systems, quality assurance systems in Spain are in line with EQAVET regarding the quality cycle, descriptors and indicators.

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