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The European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training Network comprises representatives of the European Union Member States, Candidate Countries and European Economic Area countries, Social Partners, scientific advisers and the European Commission. The work of the Network is supported by the Secretariat and collaborating experts.

First Annual Forum

Member States

Member States' representatives are appointed by relevant ministry/ministries responsible for quality assurance, certification and qualifications in vocational education and training.

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Members Of working group 4

National Reference Points

National Reference Points bring together existing relevant bodies and involve social partners and all stakeholders concerned at national and regional levels in order to ensure the follow-up of initiatives.

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Members of Working Group 3

Social Partners

Social Partners are full members of the Network reflecting the role of the world of employment and the labour market in shaping the content of high quality VET.

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Welcome Speeches

European Commission

The European Commission chairs the Network and works in partnership with the Member States and the Social Partners in order to ensure the effective implementation of the Reference Framework.

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Members of Annual Forum

Scientific advisers

Scientific advisers: ETF and Cedefop support EQAVET and the European Commission in their work to the generation of an added value knowledge on issues concerning VET, contributing in the formulation of relevant, up-to-date and informed policy initiatives.

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