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Austria - The academy for apprenticeship trainers in Vorarlberg

The success of the company based part of apprenticeship training, where work-based learning takes place, is mainly dependent on the initial VET trainer`s professional competence and pedagogical skills. These skills need to be proven through an initial IVET trainer examination or by completing a 40-hour trainer course. Additional training courses for initial VET trainers are offered - the Apprenticeship Trainers Academy in Vorarlberg is a good example of this practice.

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Austria - Building a culture of quality

A crucial precondition for the successful implementation of a quality management system such as the Austrian QIBB (= Qualitätsinitiative Berufsbildung / Quality Initiative VET) is to involve all stakeholders who should participate actively in the quality process

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Austria - Designing VET programmes for vulnerable learners

A national VET programme to provide more flexible arrangements for vulnerable learners.

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Austria - Internal evaluation

Within QIBB, evaluation is regularly carried out. Data is systematically collected for all groups of persons affected by educational and administrative processes

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Austria - Setting clear roles and responsibilities

In Austria the responsibility for QIBB lies with the three institutional levels: schools, regional inspectorate/board, General Directorate for VET in the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture. Close cooperation between all levels is crucial

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Austria - Staff development

Since its conceptual beginnings in 2004, quality assurance/management training for staff at all institutional levels has been part of QIBB

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Austria - Support to training providers

Central to the QIBB approach has been the belief that it is better to offer support than to prescribe a particular set of activities

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Austria - Working within a national framework

The Berufsförderungsinstitut (BFI) vocational training institute is a major VET provider in Austria. It includes a national umbrella organisation and independent regionally-based VET providers that offer CVET, IVET, company-based training, courses for those entering the labour market and non-formal learning.

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Belgium - Design, evaluate, certify and review of qualifications based on learning outcomes

This system-level case study looks at how the needs of the labour market are being addressed through the re-design of VET qualifications.

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Cyprus - Funding linked to quality assurance

In Cyprus there is a clear link between the quality of training and funding provided to employers by the Human Resource Development Authority

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