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Romania - Networks for training providers

Romania is building a culture of quality assurance in institutions through supporting initial VET school networks

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Romania - Publishing a quality assurance manual

Romania has published a national quality assurance manual

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Romania - The development of qualifications based on learning outcomes

This case study explains how Romania quality assures the development of initial VET qualifications.

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Slovenia - A staged approach to using indicators

In Slovenia there has been a staged introduction to the use and monitoring of indicators based on the EQAVET Framework. The staged approach has helped to ensure lessons are leant and good practice shared

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Slovenia - Self evaluation systems

Slovenia introduced new legislation to cover quality assurance at both the provider and national level in 2006. This was followed by legislation in 2008 to make self-evaluation the responsibility of training providers

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Estonia - Staff development in Luua Forestry School

This case study looks at how the one VET provider reviewed its staffing arrangments and created a new system.

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Estonia - Strategic planning in the Vocational Education Centre of Tartu

This case study looks at how the one VET provider prepares its five year strategic plan.

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Finland - Funding links to quality

In Finland funding for VET provision is increasingly recognising the quality of provision and a funding premium is offered to high quality providers. This helps to influence the national system and the activities in individual training providers

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Finland - Quality awards for VET

The Finish National Board of Education organises an annual seminar for VET providers. During the seminar the winners of the national “quality awards” are invited to share their best practice

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Estonia - The use of indicators

Estonia has a set of mandatory indicators which are monitored at the provider and system level. Providers are able to design and use other indicators to support the mandatory data systems

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